Atomic Reactor 112-50
Atomic Reactor 112-50

DKK 3.200,00

Full Range, Flat Response (FRFR)  rørforstærker.

Oplagt hvis man bruger Line6 Pod, 11-rack, Axe-FX eller anden forstærker simulator.

FRFR betyder at forstærkeren ikke farver signalet og den er derfor et oplagt valgt i kombination med pre-amps – digitale som analoge.

The Reactor 50 112/212 is made up of two systems: the main system which can
stand alone is an 50 watt RMS tube audio power amplifier that is joined with a very high efficiency 12” tuned speaker system . The power amplifier employs topgrade components like all polypropylene capacitors, a tube phase inverter (12AX7) plus two top-grade, 6L6GC tubes to deliver full-rated power over a very wide frequency response, flat out past 20 kH z at very low distortion. It won ’t color or alter the tone created by a modeler, preamp, processor or effects device.
Coupled to the Reactor’s amplifier section is Atomics’ own, high efficiency, custom designed, 12-inch speaker(s). The speakers is (are) mounted in a precisely tuned birch ply cabinet. This gives the Reactor 50 112/212 a speaker system that is wide range and smooth (no sharp peaks or ragged response). The cabinet features a unique dual flared port and a closed back. The unique design of the speaker cabinet
coupled with the dynamic abilities of both the amp and speaker can give a level of performance that you would expect to hear from an amp with two times the power capabilities of the Reactor 50 112/212. More importantly, the way the amp and speaker system have been designed, they are able restore to the input signal, especially a digitally created model, the musical dynamics and feel that we usually expect to hear produced by a well designed analog tube amp.

Brugt men i fin stand.

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